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bulletYES   Sharda, please rush me my copy of your complete Lhasa Apso ebook package  because I want to learn all I can about my Lhasa Apso now!

I understand that I will be receiving the instantly downloadable Lhasa Apso package titled "Insiders Complete Home Guide To The Lhasa Apso"

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bulletOver 110  page ebook on the Lhasa Apso


bullet1st FREE bonus  Potty Training Made Fast and Easy. ebooklet.

bullet2nd FREE bonus  Managing The Barking Dog - ebooklet.

bullet3rd FREE bonus  Controlling Biting, Nipping and Jumping up - ebooklet.

bullet4th FREE Bonus  Dog Training Secrets - Audio.

bullet 5th   FREE bonus All About Dog  Allergies -  ebooklet. 

bullet 6th FREE bonus  Teaching Your  Lhasa Apso  13 Tricks- ebooklet

bullet 8th FREE bonus  Choosing a Doggie Name -ebooklet.

  bulletINCLUDING  THE SPECIAL FREE "Lost Dog Secrets ebook


That's $113.34   worth of value for just $27.77


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I have Sharda's Full UNCONDITIONAL   8 WEEK -56 - day Guarantee:

 If for any reason I am not completely happy with the West Lhasa Apso , I can simply email Sharda Baker, and request a refund. I will without question be issued a 100% refund and get to keep the whole package.




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